The Atomic Dogs is based on three real dogs that were adopted by the author's family. Charlie, Hope, and Duke all lived together for a short time and the stories are somewhat based on the reality of their adventures together.


Charlie a.k.a.

Kung-Fu charlie

Charlie lived with Hope and Duke for a short period as a foster dog until he could find his forever home. He quickly became the pack leader despite his relatively tiny size. Charlie had many schemes that got all three dogs into trouble with their owners on more than one occasion. He was brave, smart, and filled with character, a truly great dog!


Hope a.k.a

hope tron

Hope is a very special girl with some permanent physical and mental disabilities. Despite her challenges, Hope is filled with pure joy, happinness, and a lot of silly. Hope loves a good head rub and a a warm spot to nap the day away.


duke a.k.a


Duke is a truly giant dog. Even thought he weighed over 125 pounds, the size of Duke's head made him appear to be a giant among dogs. He had a thunderous bark and an insatiable appetite. He loved car rides and a good  cuddle with anyone willing.