Katie's Cupcakes began in 2009 as a bakery specializing in delectable cupcakes.  In 2012, Katie's Cupcakes won the popular Food Network show Cupcake Wars and used the prize money to publish a children's storybook about the cupcakes in the bakery coming to life at night.  

A short time later, the second and third books in the series came out along with children's clothing featuring the cute cupcake characters found within the pages of the stories.  Now there are coloring books, t-shirts, onesies, and lots of other fun stuff coming out of the Village of Katie's Cupcakes. 

The latest from the village of Katie's cupcakes: 

The Adventures of Katie's Cupcakes 3-pack

All 3 stories from The Adventures of Katie's Cupcakes series in one convenient paperback format. Learn how the cupcakes came to life and read along as you join them on three separate adventures over 60 pages of super cute full color cupcake illustrations.

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Katie's Cupcakes Coloring Book

All your favorite characters in easy to cut out coloring book pages. 24 pages of cupcake fun for people of all ages :)

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What Do Our Customers Have To Say?

My books were delivered quickly! I liked the offer to have the books signed, thank you and I can’t wait till the next book comes out!
— BringCutenessBack.com customer
We love this book and my daughters ask to read it almost every night! Such a cute book and we can’t wait for more to come out.
— Scott, Amazon.com customer review
What kid doesn’t love reading about cupcakes? While I don’t have any children myself, this has become my go-to book when I’m in need of a gift for one of my friend’s kids. It’s become somewhat of a competition to see what friend can find the cutest book for the baby shower or the birthday party - and this book has yet to be topped! Not only do I like the story line, but the pictures are super fun! I highly recommend this!
— Sara, Amazon.com customer review
Katie’s Cupcakes takes you on a magical journey through the land of cupcakes. The illustrations are excellent and the story line is even better! This book is a GREAT gift for children. I bought it for my cousins for Christmas and they just loved it! Who doesn’t like a book about cupcakes that can talk??
— Sam, Amazon.com customer review