From Veronica Vanilla to Papa Peanut Butter, check out the super cute cupcake characters below.  But watch out for the meanest cupcake of them all, Frostella, and her helpers Day Old and Stumpy.  

Chocolate Chuckles - The Prankster

Nutty Nana - Helps Papa Peanut Butter look after the village.

O'Lucky - The luckiest cupcake in the entire village

Perfect Peach - The super smart bookworm

Snicker Doodle - The scientist

Captain Carrot - The athlete

Paula Pina Colada - Always ready to throw a party

Linda Lemon - The peppy cheerleader

Stumpy - one of Frostella's helpers, Stumpy didn't get any frosting and now he is bitter!

Frostella!  The meanest of all the cupcakes who lives on Frost Mountain with her helpers Day-Old & Stumpy

Day-Old - One of Frostella's helpers, Day-Old is a crusty, grumpy old cupcake

Henrietta Hummingbird - The best little baker in the village!

Ginger Snap - The artist

Papa Peanut Butter - Help Nutty Nana look after the village.

Rocky Road - The most creative of the cupcakes 

Veronica Vanilla - The sweetest cupcake who is friends with everyone